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1. May I appeal my property taxes if I think the bill is too high?
2. Where do I appeal my property value if I think the value is not accurate?
3. Is the assessment notice I received the same thing as my property tax bill?
4. Why is the dollar amount on the property tax assessment notice different than the amount on my property tax bill?
5. If am I not satisfied with the outcome of my hearing with the BOA, may I file an appeal with the Board of Equalization (BOE)?
6. How long is my BOE appeal hearing?
7. What if I am late for my BOE hearing? Do I automatically forfeit my case?
8. I can’t make my BOE hearing and I’ve already rescheduled before. May I send a representative on my behalf?
9. Who will I be presenting my evidence to in the BOE hearing?
10. Should I bring all evidence and previously submitted documents from the BOA hearing to the BOE hearing?
11. Will I get a copy of the BOE Decision Letter on the day of the appeal?
12. May I appeal the value that the BOE decided?
13. Is there a deadline to appeal to Superior Court?
14. When will I receive a final adjusted tax bill following my BOE hearing?
15. If there is a reduction in value, which results in a refund, what are the next steps?
16. May I pay the remainder of my taxes immediately following the BOE hearing?
17. How and who do I pay my taxes to?
18. If I appeal my property value, do I have to pay my property taxes while in appeal?
19. 19. Does the Tax Commissioner Office accept partial payments?
20. Is there a penalty charge for a late payment?
21. Can interest and penalty be waived since I did not receive a tax bill?