How can I renew my Fulton County Notary Public Commission?

You can renew your notary commission a minimum of 30 days before your commission expiration date by logging on to the GSCCA website at and completing the online renewal application. You may then present your application along with your notary training certificate of completion and a certified background check (issued by an area law enforcement office -no more than 30 days old) in person at any Fulton County Clerk of Superior and Magistrate Court’s Office or mail it to 136 Pryor St. SW Atlanta, GA 30303 ATTN: Notary Division. The cost to apply in person is $51.00. Renewals by mail are $56.00. NOTE: It is imperative to renew your commission prior to your expiration date. Once your commission has expired, you will need to apply as a new applicant and all new applications require in person submissions.

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