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WebEx Web Conferencing - Hosting a Meeting

The following information is used by COSMC when hosting a WebEx meeting. The person hosting the meeting is the one who schedules the meeting and who is automatically identified as both the meeting Host and Presenter once they either start or join the meeting. Meeting attendees may or may not be able to join the meeting until the person hosting the meeting has joined the meeting - this is dependent upon the meeting settings.

If you are not hosting the meeting and are just attending a meeting, refer to the information on the Attending a Meeting page.

Getting Started

  1. Create / Log In to a WebEx Host Account
    Designated COSMC Employees can host WebEx meetings. If you don’t already have a WebEx Host account, you will need one to create your own WebEx meetings.

  1. Verify browser plug-in
    Test your browser by joining this test meeting being sure to use the same workstation and browser you are planning to use to host meetings. You should test your browser prior to meetings to be sure you will not have problems if updates occurred that may have changed your browser configuration.
  1. Host account information   
    • The account is established for your use only, and may not be shared with other individuals at your college. Only you may convene WebEx meetings, and it will be a violation of our contract to share your password or account with others.

    • You can schedule an unrestricted number of WebEx sessions. You can have as many meetings as you require but you cannot host concurrent meetings--each WebEx host account can only run one meeting at a time. There is no limit on number of attendee

  1. You may be prompted to download/install the Meeting Center plug-in that is used to attend the meeting if it is not already installed. If you are using a work computer, you may not have the administrative privileges to install the plug-in and will have to contact your local IT to have the WebEx meeting center plug-in installed. If you have difficulty joining a meeting with one browser, try using a different browser as often one will work better than another depending on local browser settings (i.e. Firefox, IE, Chrome).
  2. What you need to know to host a meeting
    Learn how to schedule and host WebEx meetings and use the various tools and options. We offer both short YouTube videos and Getting Started Guides (Adobe PDF) that will walk you through the basics of scheduling and hosting meetings:
  3. Communicate meeting information with attendees
    The "How to Host a WebEx Meeting" video and the "Getting Started Guide" in the above step will explain in more detail what you need to communicate to your meeting participants. To help your participants, direct them to the Attending a Meeting page.
  4. Make it easier to schedule meetings: Install WebEx Productivity Tools
    WebEx Productivity Tools is used only by those who create meetings (i.e. host a meeting) - not those attending meetings and it is not required to be used at all. Having it installed, makes it easier to create a meeting allowing you to create WebEx meetings directly from your Outlook calendar (and other Microsoft products). System Office and some colleges install the Desktop Productivity Tools on all work computers; others only install it upon request. Check with your local IT department for more information.

    Contact your local IT department using the Contact Us link above to install the WebEx Productivity Tools on your workstation.
  5. Additional Training
    If you feel you need additional training, contact Issac Standard, Data Systems director.


  •  Help! I’m having difficulty logging into WebEx. 

Please visit our www.fultonclerk.org for answers to common login questions.

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