WebEx Meetings

WebEx Web Conferencing

WebEx is an online conferencing tool that has proven useful for the Clerk of Superior Court and Magistrate Court including the Board of Equalization. WebEx enables you to meet with anyone from wherever you are, home or office, as long as you have Internet access on your computer or have the WebEx mobile app installed for your iPhone, iPad, Android, or Blackberry. If you can get online, you can collaborate with others online, and share data, presentations, online demonstrations, etc.

Employees can use WebEx to bring guest speakers into their meetings, hold virtual office hours, provide one-on-one or group tutorials, participate in committee work and much more. WebEx lectures or meetings can easily be recorded, and the video files can then be uploaded to replay at a later time. Information for using COSMC’s WebEx Server is available depending on if you are hosting a meeting or just attending a meeting.

WebEx Roles

There are several roles you can take on when participating in a WebEx meeting. Find out what each of the following WebEx roles mean and what to refer for additional support:


  • requires a WebEx host account
  • can schedule/create meetings
  • is identified by the (Host) beside their name in the Participants panel
  • is the Presenter by default at the beginning of the meeting, but can transfer the Presenter role to other participants
  • has the highest level of control in the meeting and can grant or revoke Presenter or Attendee permissions; can also make another participant the Host
  • refer to the Hosting a Meeting page for additional support when host a meeting


  • by default, the Host of the meeting is the Presenter, but can be assigned to any attendee by the Host during the meeting
  • is identified by the green/blue WebEx presenter ball icon in the Participants panel
  • has the ability to share desktop/documents and control the presentation materials
  • refer to the FAQ found on the bottom of Attending a Meeting page for additional information


  • can view the content that is being shared by the Presenter
  • can interact with the Presenter and/or other Attendees using the communication and feedback tools
  • refer to the Attending a Meeting page for additional support when attending a meeting

Need Support?

We’ve provided lots of information (documentation, training, tutorials and support information) for when you are either hosting a meeting or just attending a meeting. Be sure to check those pages for support information.