Civil E-Filing

In keeping with her promise "to improve the overall customer experience through enhanced technology and an elevated level of efficiency," Fulton County Superior & Magistrate Court provides and efiling platform (excluding filings for Magistrate Court Criminal matters and abandoned motor vehicles).

Odyssey eFileGA allows users to open cases and file documents from a single website to many courts in Georgia from anywhere — 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Courts in multiple Georgia Counties are collaborating to simplify civil e-filing in the state, and eFileGA provides one location for attorneys and courts to search for existing cases across counties. The system streamlines the filing processes and eliminates the need to file paper documents at the clerk’s counter.

Civil & Magistrate eFileGA benefits include:

Reduced average filing time
Lowered costs for filing, anytime from any Internet-ready computer
Eliminate costly trips to the courthouse
Enhanced reporting and financial reconciliation
Increased access to file-stamped copies of your court documents

To e-file, register at Online Filing. (A filing fee does apply)

The link below will provide you with specific details relating to e-Filing moving forward:

Criteria for e-Filing


DEFAULT… Our office will continue to accept pleadings (motion to open default or answer) to open default via our e-file system. However, you will be responsible for coming to our downtown office to remit payment for the corresponding pleading.

O.C.G.A. 9-11-7.1 requires that all new civil and domestic filings include a case filing information form.

Please visit our Forms page to select and complete the form as it relates to your filing. The correct form must be attached to new file cases.

Please return to this page and utilize the link below to begin your E-filing experience.

Georgia E-File