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Fulton Clerk of Superior Court's Office to
Accept Credit Card Payments:
Fulton County Clerk of Superior Court, Cathelene "Tina" Robinson (Atlanta Judicial Circuit) announces Clerk's office will accept credit card payments. In keeping with Robinson's commitment to "improve the overall customer experience through enhanced technology and an elevated level of efficiency," the Clerk's office will utilize an existing county-wide vendor in providing support for the new payment process.
Georgia Bar Exam:
Congratulations to the recent passers of the Georgia Bar Exam and to those becoming eligible to practice on motion in the State of Georgia!
Georgia Governor Signs New Bill Regarding
Notary/Real Estate Fraud:
Recently Governor Nathan Deal signed House Bill 985 into law which states any person who knowingly file, enter or record any document in a public record or court of this state or of the United States knowing or having reason to know that such document is false or contains a materially false, fictitious, or fraudulent statement or representation or knowingly alter, conceal cover up, or create a document and file, enter, or record it in a public record or court of this state or of the United States knowing or having reason to know that such document has been altered or contains a materially false, fictitious, or fraudulent statement or representation shall be guilty of a felony and upon conviction thereof, punished by imprisonment of not less than one or more than ten years, a fine not to exceed $10,000.00, or both. To read HB 985 in its entirety, please click on the following link:
Georgia Notary Laws and Services:
If you are a Notary Public or know someone who is considering becoming one, you may learn more about this service by contacting the Clerk of Superior Court's office or the Georgia Superior Court Clerk's Cooperative Authority. It is the responsibility of a Notary Public to know and operate in compliance at all times with Georgia notary laws. The proper performance of notaries' duties is essential to effective operation of government and commerce. The Clerk of Superior Court's office commission Notary Publics for a term of four years and issue renewals in person once the term has expired. Revocations may occur at any time per the discretion of the Clerk of Superior Court. There are also Notary Public training courses available to educate and assist notaries.
The People's Clerk:
"The People's Clerk," is a television show which highlights various services available through the Fulton County Superior Court Clerk's Office and how they relate to issues that impact the life, the liberty, and the property of the people we serve. The show airs locally on Fulton County Government Television (FGTV) each month.

Our Digitally Imaged Real Estate Records "Good Through Date" changes on a regular basis.  Due to a time delay in reporting, the State date may be different from our in office date.

Our Current Good Through Date is:
August 14, 2015 as of August 19, 2015


Clerk of Superior Court
Contact Information


Lewis R. Slaton Courthouse
136 Pryor Street C155
Atlanta GA 30303
(404) 613-5313 or (404) 613-5314

North Service Center
7741 Roswell Road 235
Atlanta, GA 30350
 (404) 613-5757 / (404) 612-5756.

South Service Center
5600 Stonewall Tell Road
Room 219B
College Park, GA 30049
404-612-4117 or 404-612-4118.

West Service Center
5440 Fulton Industrial Boulevard
Suite 165
Atlanta, GA 30336

Hours of Operation
The Lewis R. Salton Court House is open Monday - Friday from 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM
Our Service Centers are open
Monday - Friday from 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM



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